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   There is nothing sexy about a little bloated tummy, or your skinny jeans not covering your pooch. That’s why I wanted to talk about it. How to avoid it and what to do when it creeps in.   Why we get bloated   Well, if it’s that time of the month (PMS time), then let it go, let It go! Somethings are out of our control. But some bloating is absolutely caused by choices we make, like the food we’re eating or the amount of physical activity we’re giving our bodies.   Soda and carbonated drinks, eating foods rich in salts and fats, naturally gassy food and even just eating too fast can all leave us with that dreaded...

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Self care <3

  During the year we are all so buy that we forget to spend time on ourselves. Take some time off this weekend and spend it all on yourself! Don’t just spend it in front of the TV binge watching. Really take some time out for yourself and put something back.   Some options to rejuvenate and just re-energize yourself.     Option 1 – The Spa day   If you have the luxury or have saved up, take yourself to a really nice spa and just get pampered for the day.   It’s so great just taking a day off and having someone spoil you. Invite a friend and spend so quiet time together.   You can have the...

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