Self care <3


During the year we are all so buy that we forget to spend time on ourselves.

Take some time off this weekend and spend it all on yourself!

Don’t just spend it in front of the TV binge watching. Really take some time out for yourself and put something back.


Some options to rejuvenate and just re-energize yourself.



Option 1 – The Spa day


If you have the luxury or have saved up, take yourself to a really nice spa and just get pampered for the day.  

It’s so great just taking a day off and having someone spoil you. Invite a friend and spend so quiet time together.


You can have the same luxury at home. Take a glass of wine, pour a nice bubble bath, add in some essential oils and Epson salt and voilà homemade spa.

Put on a face mask and just relax. No phone, no children, just you and a book or some relaxing music.


Take these 2 or 3 hours just to pamper yourself and relax.


And men, you can also do this. You don’t need to add the cucumbers to your eyes but men also need some TLC. Spruce up your beard and do a nice facial.


Doing a little spa day every second week or at least once a month is great.


Option 2 – the high sweet sesh


Hit the gym and go all in! Have a pre-workout or coffee to pump up your motivation.

Go for a 30 min – hour long hard session. Pushing your heart rate. If you are a weights monkey, go venture the cardio circuit. Try something new or try a PR.

When we hit the gym and sweet it out we release endorphins (the happy hormones) that puts us in a better mood and helps to refresh the body, even if you are tired and training the after effect of the hormones are worth it!

Get your sweat on and almost like sugar high from all the happy hormones now pumping through your veins.


You can do this every day or between 3-4 times a week to include healthy exercise and keep the morel high.




Option 3 – a Vacation


So it’s the middle of the year, or you used up all your leave days. You don’t have to go on a literal vacation. But a mental one can do just as much!


Find some quite time, calm your mind and be in a meditation like state.

By just switching off and focusing on your breathing you can calm yourself down.

In our everyday life we have noise and distractions the whole time.

Take 20 mints and try and calm down your mind.

Increase your time till 1 hour. Taking a break can not only reduce stress but give you mental clarity.



I hope you enjoy your little vacation and spa day!