There is nothing sexy about a little bloated tummy, or your skinny jeans not covering your pooch.

That’s why I wanted to talk about it. How to avoid it and what to do when it creeps in.


Why we get bloated


Well, if it’s that time of the month (PMS time), then let it go, let It go! Somethings are out of our control.

But some bloating is absolutely caused by choices we make, like the food we’re eating or the amount of physical activity we’re giving our bodies.


Soda and carbonated drinks, eating foods rich in salts and fats, naturally gassy food and even just eating too fast can all leave us with that dreaded belly bloat.


Fat, salt, dairy, and artificial sugars all cause us to look like little food baby mommies.


 How to avoid getting bloated

So, you guessed it: DIET and EXERCISE make all the difference. No more cokes, but chicken and broccoli are also not the answer.

“ Suga suga… honey, honey, “ This is big contributor to bloating. The sugar takes a while for your tummy to work through and can cause the grumbly tummy feeling. Minimizing this or limiting sugar when you’re planning to wear a crop top can help a lot in reducing bloat.


High level salty foods are big bloat causer. Those fries with salt are a big bloater. The fat and salt levels are too much for your gut to digest and causes strain on your micro bacterial levels in the tummy.  


Exercising regularly can help. You help the metabolism to kick start and keep going. Making it easier for your body to work through the food. It also helps get more blood circulation and moving the nutrients around your body.


How to fix  the bloat

Focus on:

Less snacking

Chew slower

Focus on your eating, when and why you are eating.

Quick fix:

Hot tea of Chamomile, ginger, mint and cinnamon.

This will help your tummy get things moving there down under. Before bed this is great!

Water, water , water, water, water…. Should I say it another time? Water…

The simple solution. Water helps the body and gut to just flush and work properly. 70% of your body consists of water and. We dehydrate so fast so keeping the water stores filled up is essential. 

These are some quick fixes, I hope they help you!