Dress Code

The Dress Code: 

  • We understand you work hard to gain the body you want. Please be conscious about the other people around you and how you dress. 
  • If we feel your outfit is inappropriate you will be asked to change. 
  • The gym is used by men, woman and children. Keep that in mind when packing your bag. 
  • Please wear clean clothes every time you come for training. 
  • Your cleanliness is important. 
  • Closed shoes are to be worn in all areas, except the yoga studio, at all times. 
  • Shirts need to be worn at all times in the weights area. 


  • The rule: its there for 'support' to keep everything in place. 
  • Underwear must be worn before sitting down in changing rooms
  • Females: when wearing only a sports bra (no shirt), choose one that cover most of your assets. We don't want to see the twins or have them fall out. 
  • Please be mindful when wearing 'booty shorts'
  • Male: when wearing a loose fitting pants, make sure your undergarments keep the boys in place. We don't want a peeping tom situation. 

Not allowed: 

  • You are not allowed to exercise in jeans, khaki shorts/pants or flip flops. 
  • You are only allowed to enter the gym with flip flops when you are coming for yoga, you will not be permitted into the rest of the gym. 
  • Leaving the changing rooms to the gym area in only a towel is not permitted.
  • You need to be fully clothed when leaving and entering the gym area.