The Spin Studio

Its important:

  • keep hydrated 
  • wear the appropriate clothing 
  • no cell phones allowed in the studio 
  • no bags allowed in the studio
  • first come, first serve 
  • be there 10 minutes before class to prep
  • You are not allowed to film, or take pictures in this class. 

- This class has a high level of noise and flashing lights. If you suffer from epilepsy please refrain from this class. 

- You are allowed to do spinning on your own, please advise the trainers to help you. 

What to Bring: 

  • Water bottle (There are water bottle available to buy) 
  • Gym Towel (small hand towel) 

What to wear: 

  • sports bra
  • cycling shorts or legging 
  • tank top / t-shirt 

The shoes: 

  • We would prefer you have clip in shoes 
  • If you don't have your own, bring along a running shoe 

Prepping your bike: 

  • Take caution when adjusting, don't over turn or use force.
  • Seat height - When standing next to the bike, bring the top of the saddle to the hip bone 
  • Seat distance - The distance from the front of the saddle and the handle knob should equal your forearm plus 3 fingers 
  • Take caution when clipping in and out 

The Energy: 

  • This is a high energy class 
  • The music is load and the class is fun 
  • Removing your shirt is allowed
  • Participation in the class is encouraged 
  • There are small traditions / moves / noises made by the instructors. Please feel free to participate 
  • The class has minimal light and flashing / strobe lights 
  • Classes can be themed and some may use neon paint. Please see the timetable
  • This is also a no judgment zone. Feel free to ride as you are. Refrain from making comments / groans towards other riders.