Yoga Studio

Its important:

  • keep hydrated 
  • wear the appropriate clothing 
  • no cell phones allowed in the studio 
  • no bags allowed in the studio
  • first come, first serve 
  • be there 10 minutes before class to prep

- The yoga studio is a quit zone intended for relaxation. Respect the people around. 

What to Bring: 

  • Water bottle (There are water bottle available to buy) 
  • Gym Towel (small hand towel)  

What to wear: 

  • sports bra
  • legging 
  • tank top / t-shirt 


  • Remove your shoes and socks and place them in the shoe holders 
  • Items for the class will be laid out. Pick a mat 
  • If you're doing a private session, gather your items. (mat, blocks) 
  • When you are done please put away your items used. 


  • Please ensure your feet are clean and odourless. 
  • Be aware of your personal hygiene and don't wear heavy fragrance 


  • If you cant stay, please leave before the Savasana starts. 
  • It's a quit time and needs to be respected
  • Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and feel the weight of your body against the floor. 
  • Absolutely, positively have to leave class early? Let your teacher know before class, position yourself close to the door, and be sure to leave before savasana begins. When it’s time to leave, pack up and scoot out as quietly as you can

Know your limits:

For your safety, as well as respect for the teacher and other students, do not go to a class that is beyond your current level. Work from where you are, not where you think you should be. Never force to hold or attain a pose. Ask for modifications and practice your moves with control. Remember, it’s not a race.