New to B fit?


The Experience

Its more than just a workout, it's a lifestyle.  

The Space 

With a variety of classes, workshops and challenges, there is space for everyone. Grab a quick bite or take a shower after class. All is welcome, come in and get moving.

The Class

Energetic, fun, rewarding. 

A safe space to sweat, celebrate and achieve. Listen to the music and leave everything at the door. When the timer starts, it's you against you. You move, you change, you push towards the finish line. 

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The Instructors 

A unique person stepping out to motivate and inspire you for 45 minutes and more. Qualified in their field and lending a helping hand. 

The Zone

Step into the game and find your zone 

- Functional training area

- Yoga studio

- Spinning studio

- Weights area